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Security&Antivirus :: Filtering MAC Address In Ufw

I've read that Ubuntu 9.10 allows to filter, not only IP addresses, but also MAC addresses through the UFW firewall. I would like to allow access trough SSH only to a couple of MAC addresses, but don't know how to do it. Sudo ufw allow from to any port But, I couldn't find any tips for MAC addresses.

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Networking :: Access A PC In A Subnet From The Internet

So supposing I have a LAN with 2 PCs with subnet IPs of and .3 (router being .1) and I'd like to connect to one of them for file sharing using sftp from anywhere on the public Web. Now a static IP is really useful in this case I understand, but lets just say I know the public IP address of my LAN at any given point. From outside if I know my public IP?

This is assuming all computers use Ubuntu.

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Security&Antivirus :: Corrupted Files Or Virus?

Yesterday I discovered what may be a virus on my thumb drive. Or it could just be corrupted files, but I don't know which. Why do I think its a virus?

1) Whenever I mess with them (e. g. Attempting to copy or move them [which fails] or going in to the folder) causes my thumb drive to go into read-only mode.

2) Their combined file size is over 1 terabyte, although my thumb drive only holds 16 GB 3) Their are hidden folders that I can only see on Windows I found them in the files folder of a web page (two actually) that I saved to my computer. I could probably delete them, This virus(?) does not appear to be affecting Ubuntu.

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Networking :: Acer Aspire 5517 No Wireless Network Ubuntu 12.04

Acer Aspire 5517 laptop Windows 7 it has Broadcam 802.11g network adapter.. I can get online wireless networks using puppylinnux Lucid 5.28 booted from live problem. So I wanted to try Ubuntu 12.04 on my hard drive to try developing software..

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Multimedia :: Keyboard Power Button Not Recognized

I have a USB remote, its basically a mouse and a keyboard in one device. It works fine in Windows but Ubuntu doesnt respond to pressing the power key. The power key should have identical function as the power button on the chassis.

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BSOD & Debug :: Blue Screen Crash When Viewing Network Folders

I am setting up a ubuntu server on an old box. I need to clear my login credentials frequently to log into the same share with a different username/password. After I have opened a network share i'll open a console and use the net view command to clear out my session.

When I open up the network view and attempt to re-open the previous network share, windows 7 will blue screen and reboot before I can see what it says. The error states something about hardware.

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Hardware&Drivers :: Thumb Drive Won't Trun On At Boot Time

I have a PNY 16g thumb drive with both my msoffice and vista cd's copied to it and a few other things. The drive isn't recognized and doesn't turn on. If I pull it out and put it back in while vista is running it lights up and everything is fine.

Vista home premium 2g mem.

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Performance :: Start Menu Messed Up, Explorer.exe Needs To Be Restarted

I'm having a problem with Vista (a clean install) on an HP xw4300 with 1.5 GB Ram. Video cards are FireGL V3100 and Radeon X1300 (both using WDDM drivers). I'm currently using 3 monitors.

Periodically (4-5 times a day), the start menu crashes and becomes distorted and disfunctional. The only way to resolve this problem, when it occurs, is to restart the Explorer.exe process. While this does resolve the issue for some period of time, it is becoming quite annoying.

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Performance :: Can We Disable Sync Center Yet?

Ive searched for awhile now, and havent found an answer. According to the MS website, sync center cannot be turned off, and i dont understand why. Im on a quad core with 3gb ddr2, and 80% of the time, The other 20% of the time it starts up with WMP.

Please give us an update that will allow users who do not like this feature to turn it off.

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Installation :: Windows Vista Ultimate X64 Boot Up Problem

My pc wont boot up past the loading bar. The bar scrolls through twice then it stops in the middle for about 2 secs then it scrolls twice or so more and then disapears and nothing else happens. Just a black screen.

I can boot into safe mode, I have restored the system to yesterday before I installed new graphics card drivers and I have uninstalled the last program I installed. How can I go About fixing this? Q6600 2.4ghz saphire radeon 4890 @ around 885mhz and 1, 050 memory.

4gb corsair dominator ram.

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